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Manual :: Introduction

Install database

change path to directory unzipped lin-ecs and type following commands.

user@host$ cd lin-ecs/{$version}/db/install
user@host$ chmod u+x db_install
user@host$ ./db_install DB_NAME DB_USER DB_PASS *

* = set DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASS to valid values for new database.

open file lin-ecs/lib/{$version}/LinECS/Database/ with your favourite editor and find connect() method
change following DB_XXXX values as you set above:

my $db = $args{db} || "DB_NAME"; # default: ecs
my $user = $args{user} || "DB_USER"; # default: ecs
my $pass = $args{pass} || "DB_PASS"; # default: 123

Directory structure

/domains : This directory contains domains, httpd configuration files and mason component root.
  • /domains/conf : httpd.conf and LinECS perl module initialization scripts.
  • /domains/mason/{$version} : mason component root for web templates.

    $version represents for LinECS module version. Each module has seperate mason component root.
  • /domains/ : it should be created each domain underneath /domains directory.